Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Brief Update--for the family and other worriers

So yesterday Delal was able to visit her father for the first time.  The news is good. His morale is high. Apparently, the guards at the prison are being very civil--telling them good night and good morning and using respectful language. He is not alone but has two roommates and apparently also has access to newspapers, including Kurdish ones like the Gündem. Of course, there is the usual Republic of Turkey silly bureaucratic rules.  For example, Delal had to go get a special ID card with her maiden name printed on it before they would let her in the prison. Prisoners have to buy all of their own stuff--TV, blankets, furniture--from the prison itself and you cannot bring them anything that is sold there.  The visit was limited to a talk on the phone behind protective glass, and all letters had to be mailed to the prison from afar--they could not be brought in.

So all of this has been a relief to us--as we were worried about the treatment at these notorious F-Types.

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