Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Joke

Part of my purpose in writing this blog is to show the similarities and familiarities between our two supposedly different cultures (Whatever the lines you may draw are...The West and Islam, Imperialist America and Poor Controlled Turkey, The U.S. and the Middle East, Clash of Cultures, the New Crusades)  Anyway, this joke reminds of jokes West Virginians tell. Temel is the name of the Black Sea bumpkin people love to make fun of.  Think 'Bubba'.  The grammar mistakes are in the original

Temel's dad passed away.  One of his friends came to the funeral and asked Temel:
How did it happen?
Temel:  He fell from a thirty story building.
Man:  Oh dear God, what a tragic death!  To fall...
Temel:  Oh he didn't die.  He fell onto the awning in the store below and bounced right back up!
Man:  And then he fell even harder from an even higher place!  Dear God
Temel:  Naw. He landed on the awning of the store across the street and then went bouncing on over to a neighboring building.
Man:  And this time he slammed into the roof and died?
Temel:  No no, he rolled off the roof into an ol' electric wire!
Man:  No!  He was electrocuted?
Temel:  Oh no, them wires made like a bow and arrow and whipped him into the air.  600 feet up!
Adam: So he fell from 600 feet and died!  How terrible.
Temel:  No no he bounced off the same awning again.
Adam: And then he died?
Temel: Naw.  From there it was over to the awning on the butcher's...
Finally the man couldn't take it any more and shouted,
 'Damnit how in God's name did this man die??!!'

Temel: Well, we watched all this time and he wouldn't stop, so finally we done shot him and put an end to it!

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