Saturday, March 13, 2010

Interlude between translations...Marmara Porn

Every Turkish theater interrupts their movies with an "intermission" so here is one for the story I'm trying to translate.

This was the first sunny day in a week so I went down to the esplanade along the Marmara and sat on the rocks. While watching the sailboats, I noticed some music coming from inside the rocks. I stood up, peeked over, and saw a spiky moussed head, a brief glimpse of a neck, and a hand squeezing the neck. Two kids making out. Standing over them was a chubby moustachioed man in a green suit. He had a huge moustache, like a black mop stuck onto his nose, and he was leaning over watching them go at it. At one point, he even called the tea man over to give him a cup. He paid, took the tea, put sugar in, and stirred, all without budging an inch from the free porn movie going on beneath him.

Down the rocks was another couple sitting right by the water (they were invisible from the sidewalk above). The woman was in full-on burkha, only she had yanked down the cover from her face so she could puff on the cigarette the spiky haired boy in black jacket offered her. I am told this area down by the water is a notorious cruising spot for gay men, but I have never seen the first sign--everyone making out today are male-female. And they are everywhere, behind trees, bushes, under the rocks, on top of the rocks, next to sheds, between cars, on benches. I just want some where to sit down, but there is not one sexless spot.

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