Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun With Paranoia, Part 3. Claim Your Prize!

Conspiracy Activities for Kids

Five Degrees of Conspiracy!
Help us finish our conspiracy chain!  The following are the first four links in the chain.  The topic is the shootings at the protests against the closing of the DTP a while back.  Complete the fifth link, email us with your entry, and you could be a winner!  Use your imagination!  Everyone else does.  First prize gets to testify with his/her theory in court.  Second prize gets his/her theory published on the front page of Vatan as "Breaking News."  Third prize gets a Turkish coffee set.  All entries must arrive a week before I decide to put up the next entry.  Guess when that is! Please include your name, address, and where your arrest would draw the least amount of attention.  Good luck!

Level 1:  What the Media is allowed to tell us
After the closure of the pro-Kurdish DTP party, the Dolapdere district of Istanbul erupted in protests.  The day before, three men in a black SUV gave a local garbage collector 500 TL to fire a gun into the crowd of protesters.  He did as he was asked, resulting in the injury of one bystander.  "If you give me the money," the suspect explained.  "I will do the same for you.  I'm poor.  I'm a garbage man.  In any case, they were blanks." (from

Level 2
After the closure of the pro-Kurdish DTP party, three nationalists working with Ergenekon and the AKP gave 500TL and a gun to a garbage collector, who then fired into the crowd.  Many bystanders, mostly children, were killed.  Nationalists hoped to make the incident look like the "spontaneous rage of the masses" in order to build support for shutting down the democratic initiative.

Level 3
After the shutting down of the radical Al-Qaeda affiliate, the DTP, Kurdish terrorists disguised themselves as government agents and gave 500TL and a gun to a local garbage man to fire into a crowd of people protesting the party's closure.  The fanatics hoped to build sympathy for their cause by making it seem as if the government was trying to kill the protesters.  Many children were slain.  Ocalan heard the news and laughed and laughed and laughed.  "I will eat the children!" he shouted.

Level 4
After the shutting down of the CIA puppet and Al Qaeda affiliate, the DTP, American Jews disguised themselves as Kurds disguising themselves as nationalist and approached a brainwashed assassin, himself disguised as a garbage man and paid him over 5000USD to fire into a crowd of babies protesting the closure.  His precision strikes killed hundreds.  The aim was to destabilize and divide Turkey, said sources.  Police found a map on his person giving large sections of the Southeast to the state of Wisconsin.  Trabzon will apparently be run by New Mexico, and the Mediterranean region by the winner of next season's reality show, "Let's carve up the Turkey!"

Level 5

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